Moving the New Tank In
Nathan Paden

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11_end view of crate
11_end view of crate.jpg
1_front view of crate
1_front view of crate.jpg
21_stand w chair
21_stand w chair.jpg
31_front view of sump
31_front view of sump.jpg
3_new sump
3_new sump.jpg
4_tank in back of pickup
4_tank in back of pickup.jpg
5_uncrating - end view
5_uncrating - end view.jpg
6_uncrating the tank
6_uncrating the tank.jpg
71_nearly through the door
71_nearly through the door.jpg
73_what next
73_what next.jpg
7_tank going through the door
7_tank going through the door.jpg
811_nearly into position
811_nearly into position.jpg
812_putting tank up on blocks
812_putting tank up on blocks.jpg
813_right end up
813_right end up.jpg